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all seasons in one day

Our travels officially began on Tuesday 26th August at approximately 7.30pm, when we left Camperdown. As I write this now, it's 11pm Wednesday 27th August and I have just pulled a muscle in my brain trying to calculate the number of hours spent awake and in transit - let's just say it's been a long day.
We started with a foggy, foggy trip to Ballarat to collect Pat, and then an equally foggy trip to Werribee to drop off Chuck. Thankfully the fog lifted by the time we made it to the airport, and we were there in plenty of time to navigate the vast expanse of nothing and nobody that is the customs office and duty free shop at midnight. We had the place all to ourselves - and discovered Pat's hidden talent of describing fragrances (and yes, one perfume really did smell like lipstick).
The next 36 hours or so were a blur of customs officials, aeroplane food, temperature changes, queues, air hostesses, movies, and games of poker and Battleship. The key lessons from today are that the airports in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai are hot and humid (which was fine for Belinda, but less fine for the rest of us), and that Neville The Cow is lactose intolerant. Whoops - no more yoghurt smoothies for you, Neville!
Our criminal tendencies were thoroughly assessed as we successfully made it through four customs offices. I even had to turn on my phone, camera and ipad to prove they weren't explosive, and got checked for bombs - obviously I was the shiftiest looking in the group.
The Corangamite Film Society was well-represented on the plane, and we did them proud, watching everything from Frozen to Wadjda to Harry Potter and everything else in between...
Our brains were running on very low battery levels, so any decision making was always going to be a challenge, even for something as important as where to have dinner. Wetherspoon's was open, serving food, cheap, and it was there. Too easy. Pat confirmed his dislike of room temperature beer, while I confirmed my love of cold cider.
Overall - a long and tiring day and a half, but we were glad to have made it safely to our holiday destination.

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