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The day after The Day


We had allocated today on the itinerary as being "Regret Day", but instead it turned out to be "Reminiscing in the Sunshine Day". We walked into the city for brunch, with Belinda helpfully beeping to alert us to safe pedestrian crossings.
Neville wanted to hang out with some of his kind, so we took him to Meanwood urban farm where we soaked up the vitamin D, admired the gardens and ooh-ed and aah-ed at the animals.
Next stop was the Chapel Allerton Arts Festival, for more dancing, drinking and eating with the Thornshire Crew. Great fun vibe about the place, with a blues band playing and deliciously tempting food smells wafting through the air. Sonny was tuckered out by the end, falling asleep in Natalie's arms. We could all relate to that feeling...
Dinner was a bad decision - Bella Italia was awful. From the rude wait staff aggressively telling Maya that pasta contains eggs (and then handing her a folder saying "find something you can eat"), to the microwaved food of substandard quality, it was all just nasty. Never again.
Afterwards, Steph and Maya returned to Travelodge to prepare for early morning onward travel, and the rest of us went to the cinema. Or at least, we tried to. It seemed the cinema had gone into hiding, but between the five of us we managed to track it down. Eventually.
The Inbetweeners was an excellent choice - so appropriate to watch a movie about English people on holidays in Australia! I particularly loved the drop bears reference... Tourists beware! After that we were all laughed out, so it was bed time again. Another successful day done and dusted!

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Thornshire Wedding Day



Saturday 30th August - sunny
Wedding day arrived, and found some of us up and about quite early. The Buccas and O'Bennetts made it to the markets as everything was being set up and getting ready for business. We found Belinda's personal butcher, lots of fish, plenty of fruit and veg as well as all the knick knacks you would expect from the markets. We also found a smoothie place - apparently peanut butter and banana is a valid smoothie combination, and was surprisingly good.
We wandered VQ (as opposed to QV back in Melbourne), and admired the beautiful arcades - decided that Camperdown needs more arcades. Went into Harvey Nichols for the pure delight of having a man in a top hat open the door for us - a cheap thrill, unlike the products available for purchase inside.
TripAdvisor (and Pat) guided us to a great cafe for coffee and pre-wedding brunch, and then we headed back to the hotel to begin the beautification process.
Once we were all looking respectable, we headed down to the Leeds Town Hall. The boys experienced a sensation of "warmth" in their suits in the sunshine which, to be perfectly honest, they were not expecting. After some loitering in the foyer, it was Time. Wedding Time.
Annie and Andy looked brilliant - Andy very dapper, and Annie very bridal (her words, not mine - I said she looked totes amazeballs). With the ceremony complete (and rings firmly wedged on fingers), it was time for the bit we'd all been waiting for - the double decker bus ride! Full marks to the driver for putting up with our excessive enthusiasm, and also for managing to squeeze the bus into the driveway at the reception venue.
The venue was stunning - impossible to explain its grandeur in words, even the photos will not do it justice. And of course, it was decorated in true Thornshire style - handmade bunting, directions to places of significance all over the world, and model planes flying overhead. Not to mention the props for hilarious (and sometimes inappropriate) photos and the slide show of Annie and Andy's life experiences. Just perfect.
Paella - delicious.
Speeches - funny, moving, heartfelt.
Dance floor - doesn't exist any more, we carved it up.
Music - infectious.
Cake - too cute.
Company - couldn't fault it.
Pork rolls - exactly what we needed.
It was definitely the best British wedding I've ever been to! Maya put us all to shame with her energy on the dance floor, and Pat pulled out some moves that we can only assume he learnt at the Northern College of Contemporary Dance. Annie and Andy's family and friends were all so welcoming, and fun, we simply had the most amazing night. Annie's dad stole the show with his ukelele song, while Andy's dad won us over with his "Andy vintage" brandy. Pat made a new bestie on the night, and showed us all the "secret toilet" (which then wasn't so secret after all). Belinda discovered the joy of hugs, and has been practising ever since. Ian had us fooled regarding his occupation (until Pat caught him out with the square root of -1) and Annie's dad earned our respect by knowing the man who discovered Jorvik's fossilised poo. And I'm sure there's more that I've forgotten to include, but I think you get the general idea.
Eventually we all had to return to Travelodge, and most of us went to bed. Except for Lady Faffalot and Honeyslide, but that's another story...

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Walking in York-ing

Team Straya in Viking-land

all seasons in one day

A bit of a staggered start today - it seemed that the time of getting up roughly correlated to the time of going to bed last night... Maya went for a run (because she's amazing), while the Buccas and O'Bennetts wandered into town. We found Pat's own personal pub (O'Neill's), and then met up with Steph, Kristie and Maya for a mission to York.
We admired Yorkminster from outside, found Belinda's own personal cafe, and then had lunch at the York Arms, which was an experience in itself. Singing and shouting staff, a chocolate syrup beer, and a passing religious parade - what more could you ask?
We accidentally discovered York's Chocolate Story, and walked along the city walls in our quest to find the Jorvik Viking Centre. After a bit of faffing about, we were sent back in time to the viking era, riding through the re-created viking village (including a Bruce Willis viking look-a-like) and then learning about the various relics and artefacts - including some well-preserved faecal matter. Charming. That was Steph's cue to go home for a snooze!
Belinda, Simon, Neville and I went up Clifford's Tower for some stunning views of the city. I think Neville is a bit afraid of heights, but he coped quite well under the circumstances. Belinda sweet talked her way into being allowed to dress up with helmets and swords - "just for children", pfft!
We collected Pat, Kristie and Maya and wandered down the Shambles, before becoming slightly geographically challenged and increasingly dryness challenged. Eventually we found our way back to the train station, back to Leeds and into a Thai restaurant for dinner. A very satisfying meal to finish a very entertaining day!

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Sunshine and fireworks

Let the holiday begin!


What a gloriously sunny day Manchester turned on for us! We all slept well, and breakfasted well, and were keen to start the fun part of the holiday.
We spent the morning doing some essential shopping (sim cards) and less essential shopping (had to restrain ourselves at Primark). We visited the John Rylands Library - a beautiful building, which Neville particularly enjoyed. Pat got roped into taking a photo of some young German girls. He obviously didn't do a very good job though because we saw them posing in the same location with another hapless tourist attempting to capture the moment for them.
After lunch we went to the Museum of Science and Industry, along with 1000 of our closest friends under the age of ten. It was interesting and informative, but the temperature and constant bustle of little people was a bit tiring.
We caught a train to Leeds, and the Travelodge staff helped us by telling us who was staying where, and what we were supposed to do that night. A friendly Leedsonian helped us by giving us directions to the nearest bottle shop when he saw us looking lost in the street, and then we finally made it to the Aussie night BBQ. So good to see to bride- and groom-to-be, and to meet their family and friends. Let's just say the Lancashire genes are very strong! We were treated to a very entertaining (and illegal in Australia) fireworks display, before some of us decided to go to bed, and some of us decided to sample the Leeds nightlife. All in all, a fantastic first day of proper holidaying.

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The longest Tuesday...

or is it Wednesday...?

all seasons in one day

Our travels officially began on Tuesday 26th August at approximately 7.30pm, when we left Camperdown. As I write this now, it's 11pm Wednesday 27th August and I have just pulled a muscle in my brain trying to calculate the number of hours spent awake and in transit - let's just say it's been a long day.
We started with a foggy, foggy trip to Ballarat to collect Pat, and then an equally foggy trip to Werribee to drop off Chuck. Thankfully the fog lifted by the time we made it to the airport, and we were there in plenty of time to navigate the vast expanse of nothing and nobody that is the customs office and duty free shop at midnight. We had the place all to ourselves - and discovered Pat's hidden talent of describing fragrances (and yes, one perfume really did smell like lipstick).
The next 36 hours or so were a blur of customs officials, aeroplane food, temperature changes, queues, air hostesses, movies, and games of poker and Battleship. The key lessons from today are that the airports in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai are hot and humid (which was fine for Belinda, but less fine for the rest of us), and that Neville The Cow is lactose intolerant. Whoops - no more yoghurt smoothies for you, Neville!
Our criminal tendencies were thoroughly assessed as we successfully made it through four customs offices. I even had to turn on my phone, camera and ipad to prove they weren't explosive, and got checked for bombs - obviously I was the shiftiest looking in the group.
The Corangamite Film Society was well-represented on the plane, and we did them proud, watching everything from Frozen to Wadjda to Harry Potter and everything else in between...
Our brains were running on very low battery levels, so any decision making was always going to be a challenge, even for something as important as where to have dinner. Wetherspoon's was open, serving food, cheap, and it was there. Too easy. Pat confirmed his dislike of room temperature beer, while I confirmed my love of cold cider.
Overall - a long and tiring day and a half, but we were glad to have made it safely to our holiday destination.

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